A Personal Thank You to Katie Moore

A Personal Thank You to Katie Moore

The week before last I broke my camera (no joking matter, this is very serious).  Grandma without a camera, even our oldest grandchild can’t remember this Grandma without a camera!  Therefore Greg and X took our Bows and went to Arkansas to Niece Katie.  Katie is a professional photographer.  Her family took Uncle Greg and 2nd Cousin X in and entertained them while Katie set-up and then took pictures of our Bows.  Now you can see more of the true beauty of our Bows that I have been raving about.  The problems I had taking our Bow pictures is they are so long from tip to tip.  I had to stand on a step-stool to get high enough to get the whole bow in the picture and then I would lose a lot of the detail.  Close-ups the flash would white out the bows.  I spent DAYS on end to get a so-so picture.  Now Katie came up with different angles and with her special camera and know how, our pictures of our bows look FANTASTIC!  Thank you Katie!  You must see her super, fantastic, marvelous pictures!   Greg has incorporated them into each web page.  They sure enhance the quality of our Bows.  Katie I wish we lived close, not only to have someone else of our own family close by, but we could use your talent and expertise on a daily bases.  We could use you with Our Newest addition to our works of art, Our Mother’s Day Special Bow.  Cell phone pictures are better than nothing but compared to your pictures cell phone pictures don’t stand a chance.  Your super, fantastic, marvelous pictures win hands down!  Thank you Katie, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We just can’t thank you enough, we are in your debt.

                                                    Love You,

                                                    Uncle Greg and Aunt Vivian


Katie Moore

A Personal Thank You to Katie Moore. Love You

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