A Wood Lover makes a BIG difference for you


A wood lover makes a BIG difference for you.  My husband comes from a long line of wood lovers. Although his father and grandfather were printers by profession, they were first taught to build houses and trim them out.  My husbands Great-grandfather was a master in woodworking and construction.

As you know from our early blogs my husband learned to work with wood almost as early on in his life as when he learned to walk and talk.  As he grew so did his love for wood and woodworking.  If you haven’t read his blog called The very early days and I thought I would start the year out with a profile of my woodworking journey you should.

Most of my experience has been with hard domestic woods (until now).  It has been so much fun learning about and working with the exotic (now that we can justify the expense for our business = Smokey River Bows) hard woods.

Exotics like Bloodwood is an extremely hard exotic wood.  Bloodwood is like Oak is to balsa wood.  In other words Oak is the softness of balsa wood when you compare Oak to Bloodwood.  Bloodwood is ver hard and so beautiful.  Bloodwood makes for rich and luxurious red bows! See

Now let’s talk about Curly Maple also a hard wood with lots of fun built into every golden blonde curly wave.  See Greg’s favorite bow in the blog Wood Choices

and Our Longbow in the blog Have You Seen Our LongBows .

There is a hardwood that is really orange.  This orange wood is called ‘Padauk’.  I love the color and it can have such beautiful grains or plain straight grains in orange!  And speaking of color Purpleheart and Yellowheart is just that purple and yellow.  We have used them both as accents and in-lays, and as the primary woods in the risers.  Take a look at the blog Experience the difference .

I love the smells of the different woods and the feel of them in my hands not to ignore their stunning beauty!  I could go on and on go see for yourself @ Smokey River Bows.com  


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