Adult Bows

adult-bowsAdult Bows

Adult Bows here at Smokey River is our main set of products. We carry a full line of Adult Bows from traditional Recurves to Takedown Recurves, from Traditional Longbows to Takedown Longbows to monster English War Bows. Currently we offer bows from 58″ in length to 80″ in length. Draw weighs from 25 pounds to 200 pounds at full draw. We have a bow that will be perfect for any adult. We have bows for every budget be it modest or more extravagant we have bow for you. If we don’t have the bow in stock we will make your bow. Presently we have a 3 to 4 week lead time to get your bow built.


purple_camo_takedown brian's_recurve green_mountain_camo_recurve longbopw kens_takedown_recurve burgundy_tecurve robynns_egg