Walnut Longbow


A  longbow is a type of bow that is very long typically close 6 feet.  A longbow is not significantly curved which allows the user to draw back to about the end of the jaw.  Its limbs are relatively narrow and with the draw string form a “D” shape.  These bows have been made from as many different woods as cultures that used the bows.  Historically they were made of wood, however, modern longbows may also be made from plastic and metal materials. We at Smokey River Bows prefer to make our Longbows from laminated wood.

WOW! These longbows are gorgeous, aren’t they?  Smokey River Bows.com specializes in the highest quality handmade, customized, exotic hardwoods, unbelievable craftsmanship bows and accessories. We have several of these bows in stock at any time, the Curly Maple is an example.  Or maybe you might be interested in our English Warbow . If we don’t have the bow in your desired draw weight we will be more than happy to build one to your individual needs. At this time we have about a four week lead time.

These bows as well as the other Smokey River Bows carry a Lifetime Warranty for the Original Owner. If you have any questions please contact Customer Service
As with any wooden bow must have gentle treatment and be protected from excessive moisture,  dryness or excessive heat.