Custom Survival Bow


Custom Survival Bow 48″


Custom Survival BoW

A Custom Survival opens up more options that gives customers the ability to order their bow exactly the way they want it. When a customer orders a Custom Survival Bow the bow comes get an expanded list of woods.  Plus the choices of Limb Fiberglass is expanded as well.  These bows aren’t your off the shelf bows, these are as unique as the customer ordering the bow. These Custom Survival Bows are available in a 48 and also a 50 inch length. The draw weights are from 40 to 60 pounds in 5 pound increments all measured at 28″


Reasons to own a Survival Bow

Since our Survival Bow is such a small and light weight bow it is perfect portable weapon. With the limbs removed the riser is only 14″ long and the limbs are less than 20″ long. They fit easily into a backpack,under a seat in a vehicle or in the trunk of a car. The limbs are held on with just one bolt through each limb and can be assembled or disassembled in a matter of a minute or two. 

With the bow assembled the length is only 48 or 50 inches and weighs less than 2 pounds. Arrows are plentiful in a pinch a small branch from a tree and some work. It is possible to make an arrow unlike ammunition for firearms which is becoming both hard to come by and expensive. Another reason is that the government doesn’t have as much regulation put on archery equipment as there is with firearms. Another plus for arrows is they can be shot many times. With modern arrow tips on carbon arrows can be exchanged depending on what the arrow will be used for.