Series 1 Takedown Recurve



Series 1 Takedown Recurve

The Series 1 Takedown Recurve is a basic takedown recurve bow . This bow is available in two lengths 62″ and 64″. The draw weights range from 30# to 70 # in five pound increments measured at 28″. These Series 1 Takedown Recurve Bows are made from Oak and Walnut with Maple limbs covered with Black Fiberglass. These bows are also available in both Left Hand and Right Hand models.We try to keep an inventory of these bows so we can ship them immediately however if we don’t have your choice in stock we will make the bow for you. Currently there is about a four week lead time to make the bows.

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We offer a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee, if you don’t like your bow return the bow back to us in good condition within the first thirty days for a full refund.

These bows along with the other bows at Smokey River Bows carry a Lifetime Warranty to the Original Owner. This warranty does not cover abuse or neglect of your bow.

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