Bumble Bee Recurve



Bumble Bee Recurve

Bumble Bee Recurve bow pictured here is a 60″ version, however a 58″ version is also available. The Bumble Bee Recurve bow has a draw weight of 45# at 28″. This series of bow is made from a hardwood called Yellowheart with Ebony accents. The limbs are made of Yellowheart and Black glass. The bow width is 2″ which makes for a smooth shooting bow. There are different draw weights available ranging from 30# up to 70# in five pound increments. We try to keep an inventory of these bows in stock but if we need to we will make one of these bows to your individual needs. The lead time currently to make a bow is about four weeks.

bumble_bee_recurve_bow bumble_bee_recurve bumble_bee_recurve


As all of Smokey River Bows it comes with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover neglect or abuse.

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