The Burgundy Recurve


Burgundy Recurve

The Burgundy Recurve Bow

The Burgundy Recurve Bow is made from Burgundy Dyed Wood with Red and White Phonlic accents. The limbs are made from Curly Maple and colored with Clear fiberglass. This bow comes in two different lengths 58″,  60″ and 64″. The draw weights that are available are from 30# to 70# in 5 pound increments. You also have your choice of finish. We usually have several bows in inventory however if we don’t have the bow you are wanting we will make yours just as you want it. There is a four week lead time for making a bow. We do have several other recurve bows such as the Robynns Egg and the Red Stinger. Smokey River Bows also make several Takedown Recurve Bows that have real popular like the Series 1 Takedown Recurve and The Pink Camo Takedown Recurve.


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What is Dyed Wood?

Dyed Wood is a domestic hardwood that is cut into thin sheets. Then the sheets of wood are impregnated with a colored resin and left to dry. Once dried the different colored sheets of wood are then glued together and clamped. Then the wood is cut to size and is then ready to be used.