Youth Takedown Bow

The Youth Takedown Bow







Youth Takedown Bow

Youth Takedown Bow was designed to fill a need in our family. We noticed that when we were shooting our bows, the grandchildren just stood around and watched. When we went and collected our arrows at the target the grandkids were always eager to chase down arrows that went astray. My wife and I thought that it would be fun to include the older grandkids (8, 9 and 12 year old) and make them a bow that fit them and they could call their own. With a bow that they could shoot they could now shoot with the adults. Archery teaches them patience, concentration, hand – eye coordination and confidence.

We decided to go with a takedown bow for our Youth Bows. We thought that being a takedown bow the bow could be disassembled and put inside a small backpack. Kids will be kids, when out in the wild they are climbing rocks, pretending pine cones are hand grenades and “blowing” everything up and whatever else comes to their mind. We have found that having their bows in a backpack not only keeps the bows a lot safer but they can carry the backpack on their own. We thought that might just teach them about a little about responsibility having to keep track of their own bow.

There are several wood options for the riser. There are the standard options of Oak and Walnut as well as several laminated “Camo” wood. The bow limbs are made from Hard Maple and Black Fiberglass or we can make the limbs from matching “Camo” wood with clear fiberglass.

At this time the Youth Takedown Bow is available in lengths 48 and 50 inches. The draw weighs are between 20 and 35 pounds at 20”.  Our Youth Takedown Bows are also available in both a Right and Left hand models.

We make another more Customized Youth Takedown Bow which gives young archers a choice of woods for a different look to the bow. We also make an even smaller bow for age group 4 to 10 called ‘Childs First Bow’.




Our Youth Takedown Bows have a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee, if for some reason you don’t like the bow simply return the bow to us in good condition and we will refund your money.

Our Youth Takedown Bows also has a Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner for defects in materials and workmanship. We will either repair or replace the bow which ever we feel is appropriate free of charge. This does not include damage caused by abuse or neglect inflicted by the owner.