Christmas Bow

christmas bow 2 christmas bow1 christmas bowChristmas Bow

A special Christmas Bow was ordered by a Grandpa who wanted to make his granddaughter very happy. This young lady’s favorite colors are purple and pink. Starting in the last part of August Grandpa and I began the discussion on the best the best way to make a bow with her favorite colors.

Although in the beginning we were just making a bow for her it was decided that he also would like a bow. Her bow was to made of Purple Camo with a pink inscription and his was to be made from Padauk.  We also thought that we should include some Purple Camo on his Padauk Bow and some Padauk on her bow. It took some time to figure out the best way to accomplish this.

Once that was settled I set off to make a dream bow basically for both of them. Through out the process of making the bows I took pictures that were sent of to Grandpa. From the comments I received back he was amazed to see their bows transform from lumber to a graceful bows. Sometimes I think we wondered about what he had done. His comments to one set of pictures he ask if I had a “nasal condition” and why did I take a picture of that.

We finished both bows in plenty of time before Christmas. I think Grandpa had a real hard time keeping a secret but from the pictures it was well worth the wait to see the expression on her face.

I think we both had fun and lots of laughs while making the bows.

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