Congratulations to All You Graduates!

Congratulations to All You Graduates!

And to those of you who took advantage of our Mother’s Day Special it is with sincerer gratitude’s that we say

“Thank You!”  Breast Thanks You.

Congratulations to All You Graduates!   DSCN0360

Congratulations to All You Graduates!

 I trust you had a fabulous year and achieved all things you set out to do.  I remember how excited I was all those years ago when I graduated.    I remember the happiness and satisfaction on our children faces when they graduated.  I know the the honor a parent feels watching their their child or children walk across the stage to receive their diploma.  I know the excitement and the fear of facing your future.  Right now all you have to focus on is  (in the words of –  Alice Cooper School’s Out For Summer!!! ) Schools Out for Summer… Schools out forever!  Go have as much fun as possible and may I suggest Archery as part of that fun to fill your summer memory log.

Smokey River Bows has bows for all ages and all pocket-books.  From pre-made to custom made, from the very young to the very young at heart.  Our bows are of the highest quality, handmade customized from exotic hardwoods with unbelievable craftsmanship and beautiful works of art that shoot so smoothly.  A Smokey River Bow will surprise you with the incredible and amazing adventures you and your family and friends will experience and never forget.


Choose from our discounted Green Mountain Camo, Pink Camo, or an Entry Level Take-down. Or go all out and choose your own woods for a Traditional Recurve Bow.  You might want to consider a Longbow for your Graduate they are gaining a lot of interest since The Hunger Games.

The most uniqe gift as unique as your Graduate

Smokey River Bows has Your Graduates Bow

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