Customer Gallery

The Customer Gallery showcases some of the custom bows that we have made for customers.

Customer Gallery

Don’s Takedown Recurve Bow

This bow we made for Don Winston. The riser of the bow is made of Bocote and Coyote and is patterned off the popular Series II bows. The limbs are made from Hard Maple and has a layer of  Carbon under the black fiberglass. The bow has a draw weight of 37# at 28″ of draw. The bow shoots a 330 grain arrow at an average speed of 180 fps. To see additional pictures click here.







Green Mountain Camo

Tania’s Green Mountain Camo Recurve

This bow was made for Tania in Switzerland. The riser is Green Mountain Camo and the limbs are Flat Cut Green Mountain Camo covered in clear Fiberglass. The bow is a 58″ traditional recurve with a 30 # draw at 28″.




green_mountain_camo_recurve green_mountain_camo green_mountain_camo

Brian’s Takedown Recurve

This bow we made for Brian in Colorado. The riser is made from Bocote and Zebrawood the limbs are made from Hard Maple with a layer of Carbon under the Black Fiberglass. This bow is 64″ in length and has a draw weight of 54 # at 28 inches. The bow shot a 450 grain arrow at 176 feet per second.

brian's_recurve brian's_recurve brian's_recurve brian's_recurve

                                                                                                                                      Kids Purple Camo Bow

Purple Camo Kids Bow

This bow is made from Purple Camo Actionwood, although this is just a kids bow it is made just like a full size bow. The bow here is 44″ in length and has a draw weight of 12 # at 16″.  The bow has arrow speeds of 140 feet per second. To see more pictures of this bow click here.



Customer GalleryRowan’s Custom Kids Bow

Rowan’s Kids bow is made from dyed Poplar and was made for 5 year old Rowan from Ohio. Requested by is mother as a Christmas present to replace his fiberglass bow from a national retail store. This bow will shoot arrows that will stick to a target not just bounce off.  “Rowan took two shots with his new bow and I went and got the owner and bow tech to come down and watch him. Almost half of his shots were bullseyes. They were so impressed with him and boy was I a proud mama.” To see more pictures of the bow click here.


Angela’s Custom Recurve Bow

One day I received a message from Angela asking if we had a traditional bow that was considered an entry level custom bow. Well we didn’t have one so we designed a new bow just for Angela. The length is 64 inches. Since we were making hers we also made a 62″ bow that is like Angela’s but 2 inches shorter. 


angela's_recurve angela"s_recurve angela's_recurve angela's_recurve


 Ken’s Custom Recurve

Ken from Florida called me and asked if we could make him an “artsy” unique custom bow. We came up with this design for him. The bow is made from Walnut, Zebrawood, Padauk and Maple. The bow is 48 # @28″ and is 62 inches long.


ken's_new_bow ken's_new_bow ken's_new _bow ken's_new_bow ken's_new_bow ken's_new_bow


Daniel’s Custom Longbow 

Daniel ordered this bow through one of our distributors South by Southwest in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Daniel bought one of our Series II bows a couple months ago and thought it was the smoothest bow that he had shot. So he decided to order a 90# Longbow from Smokey River Bows. He said that his new bow was just as smooth feeling if not smoother than his new Series II Takedown Recurve.



daniel's_custom_longbow daniel's_custom_longbow daniel's_custom_longbow daniel's_custom+_longbow Daniel's_custom_longbow daniel's_custom_longbow

Richards Purple Camo Recurve

Richard from Australia order a 64″ Purple Camo Takedown Recurve and a dozen matching arrows.  After receiving the bow some of his comments to us were the bow is a work of art and fits perfectly in my hand. Your customer service has been outstanding and the updates with posting photos is a great tool for people to see the work that goes into the process. If this bow meets my expectations then I will definitely be buying another!!!



Rich’s Survival Bow

Rich ordered a Custom Survival from us, he wanted a colorful 50 pound bow for his trip into the back country in Wyoming. So we made him a colorful one of a kind 48″ Takedown Bow. The bow is made from Bloodwood, Purpleheart and Yellowheart.

custom_survival_bow custom_survival_bow custom_survival_takedown_bow custom_survival_bow custom_survival_bow custom_survival_bow custom_survival_bow Rich's Monster Buck


Christmas Bow

Just thought customers should know that buying from Smokey River Bows, you’re getting more than just a bow. My experience with Greg was wonderful. He was polite and humble on the phone. Made the decision to stay or keep shopping real easy. I was looking for a pink camo recurve for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas and there was only like 2 weeks left. After telling me that the shop that had the wood for the pink camo bow had burnt and that particular bow was unavailable, Greg had another plan. With different wood and a streak of brilliance he took on the endeavor. Operating somewhat out of the norm for him, he fashioned that bow and had it arrive at my house Christmas Eve day. Needless to say, I had one happy girl on Christmas morning. There was one happy dad as well. Thanks Greg for your diligence, tenacity, professionalism, skill, kindness and for going the extra mile for a customer in need. This bow superseded my expectations. WOW!!!!!!!!

christmas_bow christmas_bow christmas_bow christmas_bow christmas_bow christmas_bow


Tads’ Custom Youth Bow

Tad ordered a bow for his youngest daughter he found the wood that he liked and ordered the wood to build the bow. This bow was a challenge to build. there were just a couple pieces of wood long enough to build the riser. We put a design down on paper and sent the drawing to Tad for his approval. He liked what he saw so we began to build the bow. This is how it turned out.


original_woods tad's_custom_youth_bow riser_1