Excellent Fringe Benefits

I touched on the ‘Excellent Fringe Benefits’ of shooting our bows and our love for our grandchildren in my last post, ‘My Love for Our Bows’.  I would like to take this time to expand on those excellent fringe benefits that are so totally amazing.  I have watched as our grandchildren as they have begun to change.  I noticed things like the little ones were impatient, loud and unable to follow instructions.  After just a few trips out shooting I notice these same little ones were listening and focusing on their tasks.  All our grandchildren were much more patient with their fellow shooters whether it is their turn or they are waiting on their turn.  They all were more able to concentrate on the target, even if they were not the one shooting.  Everyone of our grandchildren was being much more respectful and responsible.   Where they used to shoot their arrows and then immediately go to retrieve them without any thought or concern for who else was shooting, or their own safety.   They now will wait patiently to take their turn and only after everyone is done with their turn and Grandpa has given the ‘all clear’ to them, then, they all run as fast as their legs will go to find all the arrows, laughing and giggling the entire time (family fun).

Ask any Archer and they will tell you the Excellent Fringe Benefits to Archery is…

1. Better Health

2. Stronger bodies

3. More Patience

4. Improved Concentration and Focus

5. Promotes Respect

6. Teaches Responsibility

7. Develops Family Unity

8.Creates Great Fun

As any good grandparent or parent will tell you… We will do everything we can to help better our children and their lives. Smokey River bows.com can make a difference; can make life better, can make life much more fun for the whole family while helping you get healthier.


Excellent Fringe Benefits

Arrow Hunting is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Grandpa giving his Granddaughter instructions

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Baby Cat Guards while everyone else is hunting for more arrows

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Excellent Fringe Benefits

Dan shoots and it is a bulls eye. Notice, you can see the arrow go.

 Dan's Bull Eye

Smokey River Bows.com

Building Families While Building Bows

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