May brings with it flowers and Our Anniversary

Happy 38th Anniversary

“A Happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendship, all the enjoyments of sense and reason, and, indeed, all the sweets of life”

Joseph Addson

It is  interesting how our Anniversary celebrations have changed for us throughout the years.

Since we were High School Sweethearts our early years Anniversaries were great!  Usually Greg surprised me with chocolates and a card.  On one of our Anniversaries I remember I received a stuffed two foot pink and burgundy Rat.  Not very symbolic of our love but…it was and is so cute.  I loved and love that Rat.  Especially when I get to remembering the way Greg lead me on a wild goose chase with clue cards in rhyme spelling out its hiding place.  Greg’s family was in on it and as Greg’s clues lead me all around their home while his family helped me stay on the right path.  Greg made our anniversaries  so-o-o-o-o-o much fun! 

The Rat   






The Clue Cards in Rhyme


Then 1973 Greg and Vivian








Greg and I married two years after he graduated from high school.  It had only been a year since I had graduated.  Life as newly-weds was the very best.  Money was tight but, we were so in-love.  Greg went on to school for aircraft mechanics and I happily worked.  Our first wedding Anniversary we spent together eating tuna fish with mac & cheese while pretending we were out to eat in a fancy restaurant with flowers (Roses), from some exotic gardener.  For ambiance, we did have candles which were leftover from our wedding.  And of course a card describing in depth our Love for each other.  I still have the card telling me of all the things Greg loved and adored about me.

Eight months and two weeks after Greg graduated from Colorado Airo-tech our first born came along just 11 days after our 2nd Anniversary.  Therefore we told ourselves we would make it up next year.  But really how does one top the birth of their first child! I don’t remember much about our anniversaries during our baby years.  Besides with Greg’s allergies to flowers, flowers weren’t worth it.  Chocolate, although the best candy ever made, just didn’t aid in weight loss.  Plus, who wants a baby in a restaurant other then in a fast food place.  So we just enjoyed our lives together as our family grew into six.

1986 Family Photo


I do remember our 20th anniversary because Greg and I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  That was incredible!

Eureka Springs Arkansas by day

Our 25th Anniversary our children paid for a weekends stay at ‘’The Castle Inn Riverside’. Truly a grand experience.

Riverside Castle Inn Wichita Kansas

Just as grand was the cruise we took to the Caribbean,

Cozumel Carnival Cruise

around the time of our 30th anniversary.  Our 35th anniversary we spent reminiscing our past anniversaries with family.  That too was fun and enjoyable.  We talked about some day taking a family cruise up the west coast to Alaska with a train ride back home.

I know someday we will take that trip and many more but for now I know I am the love of Greg’s life and he is mine.  And that is more than enough reason to celebrate.  Life… it is one adventure after another.  We are so very blessed!

Happy 38th Anniversary Honey!

Every Now … 2013 02 Greg and Vivian

and then… Cutting the Cake1 something great happens.

Smokey River

Building Families While Building Bows


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