Happy Birthday America 2013 4th of July


 Happy Birthday America 2013 4th of July


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! This is the first time in at least 38 years that we have had nothing planned out for the 4th celebration. Vivian has been babysitting (10 kids total counting our grandchildren). But, tonight we are alone… so what else would you do…GO SHOOT A SMOKEY RIVER BOW of course!


The house is deafeningly quiet… But the neighbors are GREAT!  They invited us over to share in their fireworks extravaganza.  Woo who…AWESOME!


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The 4th of July is a time for hot dogs, donning red, white and blue, and for fireworks. But it is also a time to stop and reflect on this wonderful country of ours from “sea to shining sea.” A time to remember the foundation that our country was built on. A time to remember the courage our founding fathers displayed. And a time to appreciate the wonderful gift of freedom that we all enjoy on a daily basis.

Here are twelve inspirational and powerful quotes for this fourth of July, which is your favorite?  http://www.babble.com/mom/12-inspirational-and-powerful-quotes-for-4th-of-july/ 


Smokey River Bows

Building Families While Building Bows

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