My Love for Our Bows

I probably should apologize for ‘My Love for Our Bows” and my obsession with our new adventure ‘starting our own Bow Business’. but…

SMOKEY RIVER BOWS is pure awesomeness!

Do you remember your first love?  Remember how all you could do is think about him or her and talk about him or her.  Your friends and family became tired of hearing all about him or her and you knew they were sick about you talking non stop all the time.  But, still you talked on and on about this person you loved.  You just couldn’t help yourself.  You could not wait for your next date.  It seemed like a thousand years between dates.  And finally the day arrived and your heart grew and everything seemed to bloom again because you were together.

It is like that for me only with Bows!  At first when Robynn had talked Greg into doing his bows as a business,  I thought, OK, that is nice.  But as Greg and Dan poured their blood, sweat and my tears (Greg was home and I saw less of him then when he had a J-O-B).  What is the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”  Well… I do have an eye for color combinations.  I became involved and immediately ‘My love for Our Bows at Smokey River began because of their craftsmanship and the excellent fringe benefits that are so totally amazing!  Every chance we can we find ourselves out doors playing and running and laughing, together as one big happy family-shooting Our Bows.  Soon all of our children got in on the business.  Our children and grandchildren like shooting ‘Our Bows’ as much as Grandpa does. My Love for Our Bows grew.  Jake who is 12 years old and can’t get enough video games asks to go shoot ‘Our Bows”.  Now that says a lot!

After watching the older children and their love for ‘Our Bows’, we turned our attention to the younger kids.  We wanted to give them the pleasures and activity of being a part of the family fun instead of sitting on the side lines being a part from the family and fun.  We created Our own ‘Kiddo Bows”, and my Love for Our Bows grew some more.

It is so exciting to be able to watch each and every one of our grandchildren having constructive, wholesome fun together.  We are very proud to be their Gpa and Gma.  Sometimes we can’t believe they are ours.  We will ‘always’ Love Them.

Where God provides a vision he also ‘always’ provides provisions.  As any good grandparent or parent will tell you… We will do everything we can to help better our children and their lives.

Without any apologies I give you my love for our bows…

What is wrong with this picture

What is wrong with this picture


Building Families While Building Bows,

from Womb to Tomb!

drawing by our granddaughter Kiya age 9 with assistance  on lettering from Grandma.

drawing by our granddaughter Kiya age 9 with assistance on lettering from Grandma.

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