Our good friends from Indiana

Our good friends from Indiana John Schrader and Doug Greenbank came for a visit earlier this week.  Doug came with his hand and wrist in a cast, broken from a skiing accident. Poor guy couldn’t shoot because of the severity of his injuries. This was the first time either of them had seen in person our bow inventory and the process in which we manufacture our bows.  We had a great time showing off our bows we even went out to shoot for a short while.  I say short while because the weather had turned bitterly cold that day. John is a former member of the Northern Indiana Hoyt Shooting Team.  He has shot a lot of different bows and has been shooting for a very long time. John raved about the smoothness in shooting our bows. Both John and Doug love our bows and could not wait to get home to share the good news of how wonderful they thought our bows are.  Doug called a friend right then to tell him that Doug had found the bows that his friend had been looking for.  John told us that it is amazing the difference it makes between somebody who has a job working with wood and a woodworker. John commented on both Dan’s and my love for fine woodworking and how it showed up in our workmanship.

We are looking forward to our good friends from Indiana John and Doug’s return.  It is as fun to shoot with friends as it is with family.

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