1911 Government Grips

1911 Government Grips

1911 Government Grips from Smokey River Bows are not massed produced but made by hand one at a time. Because of the attention we are able pay to our grips this make the grips fit perfectly. In addition mass produced grips because they are mass produced don’t have the small details that we are able to do. Also because each set of grips are made by a real person they reflect some of the artisans’ personality in each set of grips they make. Because they are made by a real person each set is unique.

We make grips from all over the world as well from here in the US. With all the options that we offer a set of grips can reflect the owners personality.

When it is all said and done after spending big bucks on a gun it should look as good as it shoots.

More Grips

We also offer grips for other handguns. We offer grips for the 1911 Officers Model, Sig Sauer P238, Sig Sauer P938 and the Beretta 92 FS.


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