1911 Officers Grips

1911 Officers Grips

In this hurry up and mass produce world our 1911 Officers Grips are handmade and individually hand fit to the handgun. Since each grip is hand fit to the gun a perfect is assured.

First of all 0ur grips are made from different types of wood from all over the world. Some of the exotic woods that we offer are Bloodwood, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Bubinga, Bocote, Cocobolo and many more. We also offer domestic woods such as Walnut, Osage Orange, Oak, Cherry and many more. Furthermore we have available many different colors of “Camo” woods. Some examples are Green Mountain Camo, Pink Camo, Purple Camo, Sapphire Blue Camo, Red Camo as well as several others.  There are also offer 3 different types of finishes they include Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss.  Since there are so many options available your grips will be unique. If you don’t see your favorite wood listed here let us know and we will custom make you a set of grips from the wood you choose.

After all after spending big bucks on a handgun it should look as good as it shoots.

Other Grips

Finally not only do we make the 1911 Officer Grips but we also make grips for several other handguns including the Government version of the 1911, Sig Sauer P238 and also the Sig Sauer P938. These grips will give your handgun a one of a kind look. We will also offer grips for the Beretta 92FS in the near future.

Give your 1911 Officers handgun a new look today

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