Curly Maple Longbow


Curly Maple Longbow
68″ AMO
Draw Weight 33# @ 28″

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curly_ maple_longbow

Curly Maple Longbow

Our Curly Maple Longbow is an amazing bow. Not only does it look great but it shoots smooth and is powerful. This great
looking longbow’s riser is made from Bubinga, Bloodwood, and Yellowheart. The limbs are made of Curly Maple covered with
Clear Fiberglass. The bow are available in both Right Hand and Left Hand model at this time it is only available in a
length of 68″. Draw weights are between 25# and 70# in 5 pound increments all measured at 28″. Currently there is about a 6 week lag time to complete a bow.


This bow has a thirty day no hassle return policy, if you are not happy with your bow simply return the bow in good shape and your money will be refunded.
This bow also has a lifetime guarantee against materials and workmanship. Smokey River Bows will either repair or replace the bow as long as the original owner owns it. This does not cover abuse or neglect to the bow.



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