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We at Smokey River Bows.com make an “Entry Level Bows” to appeal to the beginner archer ages 13+ years of age.  Our ‘Entry Level Bows’ is constructed from several pieces of oak without any exotic woods.  We make only one size of these types of bows; they are 64 inches with a 30 to 40 pound draw weight.  It takes approximately half the materials as the handles (Risers) are narrower.  Therefore it stands to reason that it takes half the amount of time to manufacture compared to the standard bows and they are priced accordingly.  Our “Entry Level Bows” meet the demand for ages 13 to young adults.  It is also for those whom this economy has hit hard, (like us) to still be able to enjoy the sport without spending an arm or a leg.  Smokey River Bows.com Entry Level Bows are a recurve model with take down limbs.  Just like our traditional recurve bows this bow shoots extremely smooth.  The riser is made with its hand grip to allow a comfortable yet perfect placement on this bow to help the arrow follow through to exactly where your eye is looking.  Bulls-Eye!  Our Entry Level Bow is family friendly and fun!

Pictured here starting at the bottom of this picture is our “Kiddo Bow” next is our “Youth Bow” and at the top is our “Entry Level Bow”.


 Entry Level Bows

 Entry Level Bows

 Entry Level Bows

Smokey River Bows.com Entry Level Bows

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