Something funny happened this morning…

As usual Greg and I were sitting out in the “dining room area” (story for another time (if you remind me)) drinking our usual morning coffee.  When Greg’s cell-phone started ringing he got up to answer it.  Only…where was the ringing coming from?  Greg check on top of the antique sewing machine cabinet we have, but it was not there!  As the ‘pink panther’ ring tone continued, Greg became a little frantic.  He checked his desk top.  He even checked under his desk.  It was then that it dawned on Greg that the ring was coming from behind him.  He stood-up quickly grabbing his… back pocket, where Greg found his cell-phone and pulled it out and finally was able to answer it.  I on the other hand was laughing so hard (and I guess loud) that Diane heard and had to come out of her room to see what all the commotion was about.  Diane joined me in a good-morning chuckle.

Greg and I have only been in business since January 1st 2013.  We are not very polished (yet) on how to run a business.  Before Greg was fumbling for his cell-phone, Greg worked as an I.T. guy (6 months shy of 24 years, when his J_O_B down-sized).  Before that he was an aircraft mechanic for almost 10 years and before that a student.  It is because of those early school days that we are now doing Smokey River  You see…  If you really would like to know go to Smokey River, Greg’s post “I thought I would start the year out with a profile of my woodworking journey.” tells his story there much better than I would.  So please, go, look it up and if you know of anyone who is a bower or could benefit from fresh air and a very family friendly, fun activity…PLEASE do pass along our business information including our business cell-phone #316-993-3024.  I am sure Greg will get better at finding it and if not just call back knowing you have just given me a good laugh ;_)

God Bless You All on this glorious Day!     Vivian

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