The Continuation of Discover Smokey River Bows

 The Continuation of

Discover Smokey River Bows

Thank you for your patience while we filled the orders for our “1st Annual Father’s Day Sale”   This was a real good Sale, our thanks to those of you who now know what I mean when I say Smokey River Bows are the highest quality, customized handmade, exotic and domestic hardwoods, smooth and swift, fun!!! Please help us out and give us a review of your experience buying and shooting. And remember we have all your bow needs at Smokey River Thank you

OK, back to The Continuation of Discover Smokey River Bows.  When we left Dan was sanding and Greg was busy making the limbs.   

Discover Smokey River Bows

The limbs were squared up and the riser sanded some more.

Now it is time to get busy again sanding.  Since I hurt a muscle in my upper arm sanding on our “1st Annual Father’s Day Sale”  and since this bow is not an order… I will be sanding a little slower.  But keep checking back as we will keep working and updating you on the progress of this bow.

Just think if this was your order, you could watch it in progress as it is being made.  Smokey River Bows provides this service to every bow order.  You would get to choose between; a drop box for your eyes only or post your progress pictures on Facebook at Smokey River Bows LLC.



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