Youth Entry Level Bows


Youth Entry Level Bows or A Child’s First Bow comes from our hearts.  With our grandchildren so close to our hearts we just couldn’t exclude them from the ‘fun’ we adults were having shooting Smokey River Bows.


Youth Entry Level Bows for ages 4 to 10

‘Youth Bows’ for ‘kiddo’s’'...

‘Youth Bows’ for ‘kiddo’s’’…

We make ‘Youth Bows’ ...

Youth Entry Level Bows A Child’s First Bow..

Our first Smokey River Bows Youth bow was made as a ‘Youth Takedown Bow’.  For ages 8 to 15 years old.

Since the Youth Takedown Bows were such a success…  We continued our idea to have the entire family be able to participate in archery, and shooting.  And again since we have small grandchildren we wanted to give them the pleasure and activity of being a part of the family fun instead of being a part from the family fun. So… we made them their own bows to fit their tiny hands.  NOT A TOY, we have clocked them at 130 feet per second using a 325 grain arrow.  A real bow with arrows and everything.  These miniature bows are 45″ AMO draw weight 20#@24″ oak risers with hard maple and black fiberglass limbs.  Making them very manageable for the age group of 4 to 10 years old. 

It is such a thrill to watch 3 year old’s learn to shoot a bow.  I know we said 4 to 10 but our 3 year old’s just love to shoot too.  When the 3 year old’s shoot their bows they scream with delight and if they should hit the target a happy dance IS in order.  It warms my heart to see the entire family out shooting and having the best time out in the fresh air.  Constructive, wholesome fun and all together, shooting Grandpa’s bows.


Childs first bow side A 2926P

Youth Entry Level Bows

Child's First Bow's

Child’s First Bow’s

A Child’s First ‘Kiddo’ Youth Bow

A Child’s First ‘Kiddo’ Youth Bow


Childs first bow side A 2924E

Youth Entry Level Bows for ages 4 to 10


very manageable just for this age group

Smokey River Bows

Building Families While Building Bows


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  1. Pauljurczyszyn September 2, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    I have a 9 yr old with A.D.D and ADHD she has never shown an interest in any thing but now she has expressed an interst in shooting a bow. She can’t pull a lot of weight due to her eating habits with her many meds she takes, is there a bow out there that she might be able to start with that will not put me in the hole with the wife. I would like to do some thing special just for her due to her older sister going off to collage and dad can spend quality time with her in yard .
    Can you help me?

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