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About Us

This page is tell you about us. We opened Smokey River Bows on January 1, 2013. As with any business the road has had many ups and downs. In February 2012 I my job was eliminated which turned our world upside down. My wife’s sister had moved in with us and was working on her Master Degree. Our oldest son and his four kids had just moved in after his divorce. So the timing of losing my job while never good was especially bad. Not only did we have eight mouths to feed and overnight but no money to feed feed them. One of my bosses had seen some of the stuff I had made. So John made the suggestion that we should open a business making bows.

More about us

We have traveled over the states surrounding Kansas going to Archery Shoots and Gun Shows. I have made many new friends and great people in our travels. We have got reacquainted with old friends and relatives. All in all it has been an amazing ride.

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