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Pistol Grips

We decided that Pistol Grips and hunting bows go hand in hand. Bow hunters often tell tell me that they take some type of firearm with them hunting many taking handguns. Also many of the bow hunters think it would be cool to match the grips of their gun to their bow. That spurred the idea of making pistol grips. Our Pistol Grips are just like our bows made by hand one set at a time.


Wood Grips

Our grips come from lumber from all over the world. Some of  wood grows here in the States while some come from other parts of the world. Our grips are individually fitted to the handgun therefore they are assured of fitting correctly. The grips are available in several different finishes even no finish if you wish.

Current Grips

The grips that we make grips for includes some of the more popular handguns. The 1911 Government, Commander and Officers Models. The Sig Sauer P938 as well as the P238 Models. We are working on bringing the Beretta 92 FS in the near future.