Takedown Recurve Bow

takedown recurve bow

Basic Bow

A Takedown Recurve Bow is not only affordable but high-quality handmade bows. This bow comes the length of 64 inches coupled with draw weights between 25 and 55 pounds in 5-pound increments measured at 28 inches of draw. To make your bow unique there are several different options available.

The bow is available in either right-hand or left-hand grips, in addition, there is a choice of wood used for the riser. The choices for the riser are Oak and Walnut accents and the other option for the Basic Bow is Walnut with a Zebrawood accent. We use for the core of our limbs Hickory one of the most uniquely durable species of wood. Black fiberglass finishes out the limbs which makes a very smooth and durable bow. The base price for the Basic Takedown Bow is $350.00.


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