What are Takedown Survival Bows?

Our Takedown Survival Bows are relatively short takedown recurves. When taken apart the bow becomes a very small package. Small enough to fit under the seat or in the trunk of a vehicle or in a backpack. Therefore you can have the bow handy should you need it in case of an emergency. The Survival Bow is easy to assemble. Since there is just one bolt along with a steel pin in each limb. Once limbs are secured put the bow string on. The bow is ready to shoot. In these days you never know when a bow might come in handy.


There are several advantages to having  Takedown Survival Bows. I mentioned a couple already like being small enough to fit under a  seat or a backpack. You will be able to leave the bow in a backpack when you go hunting in the wilderness. Being safe in the backpack will keep the bow safe from damage during the hike. There is not as much regulation on bows as there is on firearms. In the future there will be more regulation on firearms and ammunition. Even if arrows someday will be outlawed walk to the nearest tree and make your own.

Our Takedown Survival Bows

As stated earlier of Survival Bows are 48 inches in length. The draw weight ranges from 35 – 50 pounds measured at 28 inches. The bow comes in three different types. The basic model has Walnut and Oak for the riser, Hickory and Black Fiberglass Limbs. The Camo Model you can get a choice of different Camo wood for the riser. The limbs are Hickory and Black Fiberglass. The third model is a Custom Bow so you can design your bow.

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survival bow

Basic Survival Bow

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Camo Survival Bow

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