Youth As Well As Child Bows

Youth as well as Child Bows are what we offer for the young archer. The smallest and lightest bow is our Kid’s Bow which is designed for children from 3 to 7 years of age. Since the bow has a light draw weight that makes it perfect for small children. The other bow is our Youth Bow is a larger takedown bow which is better for stronger youths and young adults.

Kids Bow

Our Kids bow is a small 44 inch long traditional recurve.  The draw weight is between 12 to 14 pounds at a draw of 16″. We can make the bow either left or right handed. We designed the bow with emphasis on being able to stick an arrow in a target from 10 to 15 feet. The bow is not made of plastic but wood and fiberglass which make the bow less of a toy. Just like a full sized bow but smaller which makes the bow more authentic in the mind of kids. Seems that most commercial kids bows lack the power to stick and arrow in a target.from any distance.


Youth Bow

Our Youth Bow was made with our older grandchildren in mind. At the time didn’t have a bow to shoot so we consequently made a small takedown recurve for them to shoot. These bows are Takedown Recurves, they are 48 inches in length which is perfect for the age group. The Youth Bow can be ordered either right and left hand models. There is also a variety of woods for the riser. The bow is perfect for older children and young adults that are learning to shoot bows.


More information

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