Survival Bows

survival_bowsWhat are Survival Bows

Survival Bows are short and powerful Takedown Recurve Bows. The size of the bow when disassembled can easily stow under the seat of a car or truck out of site or in a bug out bag or a back pack. Then can be reassembled in just a couple minutes and ready to shoot. These bows can be drawn to 29″ allowing the archer to use full size arrows.

Why Own Survival Bows

  • Small and light weight makes it a portable weapon, with the limbs removed the riser is only 14″ long and the limbs are less than 20″ long.
  • Limbs are held on with just one bolt and a steel pin through each limb and can be assembled or disassembled in a minute or two.
  • Lightweight the bow assembled and ready to shoot weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • Arrows are plentiful in a pinch a small branch from a tree and some work and you can make an arrow unlike ammunition for firearms which is both hard to come by, expensive and can only be used once.
  • Arrows is they can be shot many times, arrow tips on modern carbon arrows can be exchanged depending on what the arrow will be used for.
  • Small so they are easier to maneuver in blinds or in a tree stand when out hunting.
  • Government doesn’t have as much regulation put on archery equipment as there is with firearms.
  • Unlike guns shooting a bow does not make much noise.

Our Survival Bows

Smokey River Bows Survival Bows are handmade so no two are alike. Our bows come in two different lengths 48 and 50 inches.We also offer several different types of finishes.

survival_bowsBasic Survival Bow

Our Basic Survival Bows risers are made from either Oak with Walnut accents or Walnut with Oak accents. These have Hickory and Black Fiberglass limbs.



The next step up is the Camo Line of Survival Bows which also come in lengths of 48 and 50 inches. There are several options for the wood used in the risers Purple Camo, Pink Camo and Green Mountain Camo. The standard limbs are made from Hickory and Black Fiberglass. There are options for the limbs which include matching Camo Wood and Clear Fiberglass limbs.

custom_survival_bowsCustom Survival Bow

We also have a Custom Survival Bow which allows many different option in both the wood the risers are made of. There are also many different options for the limbs to make your Survival Bow look truly unique.




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