About Us… An Introduction

 About Us is a quick history on where we came from. If you are not familiar with us I would like to introduce ourselves. My wife and I started Smokey River Bows, LLC in January of 2013. Since then we have sold bows all over the world. Our bows are handmade and because they are made by hand each bow is different. We don’t use any automated equipment just a band saw, sanders and files and a lot of sandpaper. Sandpaper is much cheaper than the new automated machinery. For that reason, it takes  longer than using automated equipment but the bows we make have character. Basically, they are not one of many they are one of one. Our goal is to offer high quality products at an affordable price.

The Beginning:

I started making bows back in High School. My shop teacher, Mr. Goodwin, asked me to make a bow as a project. Mr. Goodwin and I had a discussion about this crazy idea. He finally convinced me that I could make one. When the bow was far enough along to shoot, my buddies and I would take the bow to the football field and “test” it.   We felt we had to test the bow nearly every day until the end of the school year. I made several more bows for teachers before I graduated. I had teachers come to me and ask me if I could make them a bow instead of going to their class. Of course, I made them a bow. A no-brainer for me.

How We Started:

I worked in Cooperate America most of my adult life, until my job was eliminated in 2012. One of my bosses who had seen some of he bows and other projects that I had made. He suggested that I should make bows dor a living. So my wife, Vivian, and I took his advice and started Smokey River Bows, LLC.

We started with making just Traditional Recurves but have expanded our product line to Survival Bows, Takedown Recurve Bows, Longbows, bows for children. We also sell Arrows and Arm Guards. Since Smokey River Bows opened we have attended Gun Shows in Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas.   Numerous Gun Shows would not allow us in simply because we had bows and no guns. After this happening to us several times we decided to make an assortment of handgun grips. This allowed us to attend more gun shows. We are still making our grips by hand and no two sets of grips are alike. Enough of about us.