camo survival recurve

What is a Camo Survival Recurve?

A Camo Survival Recurve from Smokey River Bows, LLC are relatively short takedown recurve bows. The bow when disassembled becomes very small. The bow is small enough to fit under the seat or in the trunk of a vehicle or even fit in a backpack. Because of its small size, you can have the bow at your fingertips should you need it in an emergency. The bow assembles or takes down with just one bolt and in each limb, there is a steel pin in each limb also for limb stability. It takes just a minute to assemble or disassemble the bow. In these unpredictable days, there is no telling when a bow might come in handy.

Why A Camo Survival Recurve?

There are several advantages to having a Camo Survival Recurve.  First, it’s small size that makes storage convenient. The fact that the bow will fit in a backpack makes the bow much easier to hike the woods with. No getting hung up in the brush and no damage to the bow on the hike to your favorite hunting site. The Camo Survival is also a stunning looking bow.

Another reason to own any bow that there is limited regulation on bows, unlike firearms. It wasn’t too long ago that ammunition was very scarce and if you could find the correct ammo it was very expensive. There are rumors that politicians may not be able to outlaw guns but outlawing the ammo for the guns would do the same thing as outlawing guns. Essentially making us unable to defend ourselves. In a pinch arrows can be relatively easy to come by. Last the Camo Survival Bow is customizable allowing your bow to be truly unique looking.

Other Products

Some of the other products we offer are the Basic Survival Bow, Basic Takedown Bow, Traditional Recurve Bows and Gun Grips.


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