Traditional Recurve Bow

traditional recurve bow

Custom Traditional Recurve Bow

Pictured above is an example of our Custom Traditional Recurve Bow. The Custom Recurve Bow is a one-piece recurve bow. There are many options for this bow such as the wood selection for the riser and limbs is quite large. There is also a choice of Fiberglass that is used on the limbs.

Camo Recurve Bow

camo recurve bow

Our Camo Traditional Recurve Bow is made from Camo Wood. Camo Wood is made from a light colored. Sliced into thin stripes and dyed different colors.  Gluing different colored strips together making a block, thus the results are amazing and will give your bow a very unique look. Green, tan as well as black are the strips in Green Mountain Camo.  In the same way, pink and black veneers are the colored strips in Pink Camo. Purple and black are the colored strips in Purple Camo. Sapphire Blue and black are the strips in Sapphire Blue Camo. In the same way as the Custom Recurve Bow. you have several options including limb material and fiberglass color.