Our Traditional Longbows

Traditional Longbow

I never considered making traditional longbows until a man came up to me at a gun show. This man asked me why we didn’t have any longbows on display. I told him a never really considered making longbows. He suggested that I should reconsider. Long story short I did some research and decided to make a reflex deflex longbow just to see what he was talking about. Well… after I shot the longbow I saw just what he was talking about.

Our Longbows

As with the rest of our bows we can make them in either right hand or left hand. In addition, we also have a large selection of woods for the riser and limbs. Our longbows are available in two lengths one being 58 inches the other being 68 inches. With our Basic Longbows the Riser wood is either Walnut with Oak Accents or Oak with Walnut Accents. We also have available Camo Wood which make a stunning looking bow.  


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traditional longbows
Camo Longbow