Two Youth Bows

kids bow

Youth Bows – Kids Bow

This Kids Bow is one of the Youth Bows we offer. Young archers are why we made this bow. The ages for this bow is from 3 to 6 years of age. The draw weight is 12-15 pounds at 18 inches of draw. The bows length is 44 inches which provide enough energy to stick an arrow in a target. Option for this bow consists of different riser woods. The first option is an oak riser, second is a walnut riser. Both bows use Hickory and Black Fiberglass on the limbs.

Youth Bow

youth bow

Older children are the reason we made our Youth Bows. 7 to about 12 years of age is the target age for these bows. These bows are good also for adults that may not have the upper body strength to pull a larger bow. These bows like the Survival Bow is just 48 inches in length. The bow is a takedown also. There are several configurations for this bow. Left and Right-hand grips and different types of wood available for both the riser and the limbs.