camo recurve bow

A Camo Takedown Bow is not only affordable but a high-quality handmade bow. This bow comes the length of 64 inches coupled with draw weights between 25 and 55 pounds in 5-pound increments measured at 28 inches of draw. To make your bow unique there are several different options available.



The Camo Takedown Bow have the same size and draw weights as the Basic Bow, however the difference is in the wood used for bow. For a stunning bow consider using these Camo woods. The woods currently available for the awesome looking bows are as follows: Green Mountain Camo which is green, brown and black dyed veneers. Purple Camo which is dark purple and black dyed veneers. Pink Camo is bright pink and black dyed veneers. Last is Blue Sapphire which is a bright blue and black. Hickory and black fiberglass make up the limbs. However for a additional charge we will make the limbs out of matching wood with clear fiberglass. The base price of the Camo Takedown Bow is $395.00.

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