Basic Takedown Recurve



Basic Takedown Recurve

The Basic Takedown Recurve Bow is 64 inches in length. The bow draw weights range between 25 and 55 pounds measured at 28 inches of draw. What if you require a draw that is different than 28 inches? A rule of thumb is to add or subtract 4 pounds per inch of draw. For example, if your is 26 inches and you would like the draw weight to be 40 pounds then the draw weight would be 45 to 50 pounds.


The Basic Takedown Recurve has a couple of options that will change the look of your bow. There are two options for the riser. The first option is the riser wood which is Oak with Walnut accents. Option 2 being Walnut with Zebrawood accents. Hickory and Black Fiberglass and a matching Wedge make up the limbs.

Basic Takedown Recurve

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Additional information


Left Hand, Right Hand

Wood Selection

Oak with Walnut, Walnut with Zebrawood

Draw Weight

25#, 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, 55#


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